Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Fall" Into Some New Fiber Arts Accessories!

Free shipping on all US Orders $75 or more during the month of September. Use coupon code "FALL" during checkout at!

Come see some of our beautiful new items, perfect for early holiday shopping! Treat yourself to a new needle case fabrics by Offhand Designs, Pumpkin crochet hooks, needles and spindles by Bella Blue, or a gorgeous vegan tote with a bird by Stella and Stevie. And...we have more square knitting needles back in stock! Don't forget to check out the fabulous Yarn Magazine from Australia.

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NINANINA said...

OK Jennifer! I am drooling over your yarns etc. You commented on my art blog a couple weeks ago! This year I took a long siesta from knitting and did a lot of drawing... but I will be knitting again soon. Right now I am about to post many shawls that I made on ETSY.
I've made many shawls, sweaters and blankies - Now I want to try socks. More challenging I think! In early 2110 I will be moving to Alaska. Many folks up there spin their sled dog yarn. (Here, I have a coyote/ husky cross and am collecting her "wool")
Feel free check out this site!
What do you think? amazing huh?
Anyhow shortly I'd love to buy some of your more colorful yarn. Love your site!